Why should I use a Pet-Sitter?

Pets get stressed when separated from their owners, all the more when pets are transported and dropped off at a pet hotel. Here, pets may get exposed to illnesses and parasites from other animals. By having a pet-sitter visit/stay-in to care for the pets, the trauma on the pets are very much reduced. The pets can stay on their regular routines, and do not need to adapt to a new environment. The risk of catching illnesses and parasites are greatly reduced, which will reduce the need for the pet-owner to do a “disaster management” upon return to their home.

Pet-owners are usually attached to their pets, and would like to know how their pets are doing back home while they are away. We offer text/video correspondence with the pet-owner regarding their pets, and this can help ease the long distance anxiety that pet-owners may feel.


Why should I use a Home-Sitter?

If you are going away for any period of time, and the home is left empty, it means that the home can look blatantly empty & deserted after a little while, therefore attracting burglars. It is generally implied that crime is deterred by the presence of the home-sitter while the home-owner is away. Criminals take the easiest route and target homes that appear to be empty. Signs such as an uncared-for garden, entrance full of mail/junk mail are straight giveaways.

A critical must-have for any home is an uninterrupted supply of Electricity. Home equipments and facilities like the Refrigerator, Wine Cellar, Burglar Alarm, Aquarium, Air-Con and Dehumidifier cannot do with a electricity black-out, usually caused by thunderstorms or other electrical disturbances. A home-sitter’s presence/visit can detect any interruption in electrical supply, and re-set or rectify the problem.

Plants and Gardens need to be maintained, not just the grass cut so that your home looks lived in, but a few days without water and many of the beautiful plants and flora could be at the risk of withering.

There is the concern if I will come back to a flooded home because of a broken water pipe/tap or leaking water heater/water closet.

Should you spend a long while away from home, do you want to spend much time clearing up upon return, or would you rather have a home that looks “lived-in” upon return?

Finding a home-sitter to keep your home maintained is a far better option than leaving your home empty. It also means that the homeowner will cut down on their travel preparation time. They are there to keep you connected back home, and can keep you regularly informed of how everything is going back home.

How about using a family or friend to Pet-Sit / Home-Sit?

Many people these days do not have the time to help out their family or friends, and it is a hassle for them to come over regularly and look after your pet or home. In this case, you might not want to burden them with this task, but to count on our dedicated pet-sitter and home-sitter who is obligated to look after your pet, home, or garden; and are available on short notice to manage your tasks while you are away.

Why use HomesittingSg?

The team at HomesittingSg are cherished homeowners and caretakers in their own homes. They are matured professionals, and they themselves see their own need for home-sitting services. Thus, they can appreciate the type of services and assistance required by other homeowners. Our team of home-sitters are locals, and specially chosen for their caring qualities, trustworthiness, and dedication. All of them have had background and reference checks done.

Your home-sitter will provide visit updates upon request, which can include information like tasks handled, mails received; the condition of the pet(s), home observations etc.; and can then take on follow-up tasks from the homeowner.

What is the process of engaging our home-sitting services?

Call us now at +65 9819 7001, or write to us at info@homesitting.com.sg and we’ll be most happy to discuss your pet-sitting needs!