Homeowner’s Checklist (Some suggestions before you leave)

Homeowners – use this checklist to ensure that you’re ready to hand over the care of your home and pets/car to your home sitter before you leave.



Please let your neighbours, friend and family know that you have a home sitter entering your home on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Security systems

If you have an alarm system, you may need to make arrangements with the security company for a code and password specifically for your home sitter to use. Keys for windows & locks should be left with your home sitter.

Contact information

Please leave contact information so your home sitter can stay in touch while you’re away. See the home sitting agreement for contact information page.

Emergency contact

You may want to ask someone such as a friend, neighbour or relative etc to act as a nominated contact person for your home sitter to liaise with during your absence

Spare keys

Leave a set of spare keys with your nominated contact person or your home sitter.

Animal documentation

All of your animal’s records should be put together in a folder for your home sitter’s easy access. These records could include:

immunisations, tattoo, microchip, any lost pet register phone numbers, license, medical history and current medications.

Animal supplies

Please stock up on enough supplies for your pets while you are away. These supplies could include the following:

·      Food

·      Medications

·      Toys

·      Exercise equipment

·      Identification tags, tattoo or microchip

·      Bedding

·      Cleaning and grooming equipment (medicated shampoo, towels, hoses, brushes, scissors, clippers)

·      Waste collection equipment (bags, gloves, litter, disinfectant)

Home contents list

Make a list of any items you’d prefer your home sitter not to use.

Out of bounds

You may like to write a list of any areas or rooms in your house or on your property that you don’t want your home sitter to use.

Pool maintenance

Ensure pool equipment and chemicals are available for your home sitter to use. Attach clear written instructions to these.


Describe what parking is allowed on or near your property, including costs and restrictions. You may be able to arrange for a visitors parking permit for your home sitter to use.

Rules and regulations

If your home is an apartment or a rental property, you may want to leave a copy of the by-laws or lease for your home sitter to refer to.

Mail redirection

You may want to set up a redirection order for your mail – unless you make specific arrangements for redirection with your house sitter.

Home deliveries

You may want to suspend or cancel any regular home deliveries you may have.

Garden tools

Make sure your garden tools are accessible. Leave your shed keys out for your home sitter.

Indoor plant maintenance

Leave any supplies for your indoor plants to your home sitter. Attach written instructions to these.

Lawn maintenance

Check that your lawnmower is in good working order. Leave spare fuel for your mower if required. Attach hoses to outdoor water

supplies for watering your garden and lawn. Leave rakes and wheelbarrow out for your house sitter.

Maintenance of your vehicle

You may want to have your vehicle maintained in your absence. This could include asking your home sitter to start your car once a week

and/ or clean your car before your return.

Perishable foodstuffs

You may want to empty your refrigerator of any perishable foodstuffs.

Storing valuables breakables

You may wish to lock away your valuables and breakables in a secure area such as a locked cupboard or attic space.

Gas & electric

Leave instructions for the safe use of your electricity and gas services. Show your home sitter where the relevant meters are as well as the

fuse boxes and cut-off switches.


Leave detailed instructions on how to program the air-conditioning/dehumidifier systems.

Water & drains

Leave instructions on the location of your water mains tap.